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Energy System: Event/
Latic acid
60m 100% 0% 0%
100m 98% 2% 0%
200m 38% 57% 5%
  400m 40% 55% 5%
  800m 10% 60% 30%
  1,500m 5% 35% 60%

Training Age: Start training Start specialization Higest performance achieved
Sprinting 10-12 14-16 22-26
Middle distance 13-14 16-17 22-26
Long distance 14-16 17-20 25-28
High jump 12-14 16-18 22-25
Tripple jump 12-14 17-19 23-26
Long jump 12-14 17-19 23-26
Throws 14-15 17-19 23-27

Running Mechanics:

Training description:(Sprinting skill is a learned activity) This is the perfect training platform for athletes who are new to sprinting or those who want to learn the fundamentals of Sprinting. The training will focus on Form Work, Running Mechanics, Neuromuscular Physiology (CNS, Neuromechanics of the Stretch Shortening Cycle), Biomotor Abilities (Speed, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility), and the phases of sprinting. This training program is also good for multi-sport athletes who need linear speed and proper running mechanics for their sport.

To view click: Running Mechanics.

Elite Track Training Program:

This is an individualized training program designed especially for you!

This program will allow you/us to track your target times while training with your track team. We will tell you what times to hit during your practices and monitor your progress throughout the season.

Depending on the options you choose this program will contain your:
Athletes Bios
Training Profile
Periodization Table
Workout Form
Track Training Form
Weight Training log

To view how it works click:
Elite Training Program .

Online Track Training Program:

(For non members)

The Online Track Training Program is for non members. It is identical to the Elite Program with the same options. The only difference is because you will not be able to train with our track club we will also design your Track Workouts.  

To view how it works click:
Online Training Program .


May 2011
9 of 14 HS members qualified at 2011 CIF Prelims

April 2011
12 of 14 HS members qualified for the 2011 Orange County Track & Field Championships!

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